Photographer: Kat Irlin @kat_in_nyc 

Creative Direction: @drivercreative

Model: Charlee Fraser / IMG Models @charleefraser

Hair: Seiji Kitazato for The Salon @seiji.kitazato

Makeup: Frank B. / The Wall Group @therealofficialfrankb

Styling: Sarah Gore Reeves @sarahgorereeves



To embody the visual representation of beauty for the mind, body and spirit, Salon YOSHIKO commissioned a world class creative team to artfully capture the launch campaign.  New York based photographer, Kat Irlin – known for her emotive, romantic images with arresting honesty, captured the natural beauty of Australian born Charlee Fraser.  Shot among the freshly renovated interiors of Salon YOSHIKO, the images match the warm, calming serenity of the space.








Posted 09/16/19