Nappi, a former psychiatric therapist and life-long philanthropist is the new founder and sole principle of The Salon at Bergdorf Goodman.


Q: What led you to Bergdorf Goodman and taking over this iconic space?


A:  As a longtime former client of BG, I had the unique opportunity to envision the need for change in both the salon and the beauty industry as a whole.  My vision is to change how we view our own beauty; as an expression of what we feel in our soul, as well as what we see in the mirror. It’s important to me to infuse a mind, body, and spirit approach with the luxury experiential beauty industry, and I want it all to be rooted in impeccable artistry. I’m currently working to turn that vision into a reality in one of the most iconic retail locations in the world. Last, but certainly not least are the philanthropic visions we have for the salon. I have been blessed in so many different ways throughout my lifetime and was taught to aspire to a life of purpose. So, to gratefully give back by paying it forward, as part of my family’s giving, we are donating all salon service net profits to brain health and wellness charities and programs to assist the homeless.



Q:  What is The Salon general aesthetic going to be and has that changed from the original?


A: Yes, totally different from the original! A complete salon makeover with the overall aesthetic of beauty and harmony. My vision is to have the art elements and personal mantra of “Mind, Body & Spirit” come together to create a serene warm elegance, with the comfort of home feel - providing a total sensory experience. The artistry comes through the “Collective”, a group of the finest and most renowned creative directors, top stylists and colorists, experienced service managers and skilled staff in the world – all collaborating as a team.



Q: Are there any layout changes to The Salon or additional design features being added?


A: Yes, absolutely! The Salon is completely renovated. A notable point of difference that sets us apart, is that The Salon feels like a beautiful, cozy, welcoming lounge, with some of the latest technology and innovations. It features enhanced lighting, state of the art mirrors and ventilation systems and high-speed wireless devices throughout salon—allowing for better connectivity providing the ability for clients to view a digital salon menu and Bergdorf Goodman retail catalog during their salon stay. There are even digital prompts for coat check security. The luxe stations are elegantly designed for style, color, and manicure and pedicures, and feature plush body contouring comfort seating.  Private treatment rooms will use organic products and aroma therapy with essential oils. The restrooms and changing areas are also completely redesigned.  We also encourage our clients to relax, unwind and enjoy complimentary refreshments from our amazing new beverage bar.



Posted 09/16/19